What’s SharpAI DeepCamera

This is a unique repository in many ways. It’s a deep learning model open sourced to protect your privacy. The entire DeepCamera concept is based on automated machine learning (AutoML). So you don’t even need any programming experience to train a new model.


DeepCamera works on Android devices. You can integrate the code with surveillance cameras as well. There’s a LOT you can do with DeepCamera’s code, including:

And a whole host of other things. Building your own AI-powered model has never been this easy!

Quick Evaluation on Android

Slack Channel

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Feature List

Supported/tested Device

Supported Camera



How to develop on SharpAI DeepCamera

You can develop on SharpAI DeepCamera almost on every devices.

How to Run DeepCamera on 64-bit Android From Source Code

How to Run DeepCamera on 32-bit Android

Run on Raspberry Pi

Run on Embedded Linux with docker (Rockchip RK3399)

git clone https://github.com/SharpAI/DeepCamera
cd DeepCamera/docker  
sudo ./run-deepeye-prebuilt.sh start

Run on X86 Laptop Docker

git clone https://github.com/SharpAI/DeepCamera -b pc_version
cd DeepCamera/docker
sudo ./run-deepeye-x86.sh start #make sure Serial No is in docker/workaipython/ro_serialno

It is even possible to integrate with your Surveilance Camera

Through Shinobi (if you install DeepCamera through Docker)

Then you need to follow Shinobi’s document to add camera. or click to see our tutorial

Shinobi login page(device_ip:8080):
username: user@sharpaibox.com
password: SharpAI2018

You can also turn Mac Camera into RTSP camera(not tested)

Through Dahua SDK (if you install DeepCamera on Android)

Code is here

Survey: Do you want to have Dev Kit for easily startup

We are considering to provide full set of development kit to easy the setup effort you may face to. Please thumb up if you want one

How it works from end user’s point of view, green parts are done if using Dev Kit

From end user's view

How to configure on Mobile APP, Chinese Version

Application in English(Beta Test)

Android: https://www.pgyer.com/app/install/0e87e08c72a232e8f39a6a7c76222038
iOS: https://testflight.apple.com/join/8LXGgu3q

How to deploy server on your server

screen shot 2019-03-07 at 4 03 59 pm

APIs doc for app server

Click to see APIs document

App User Guide

Click for user guide


This project contains source code or library dependencies from the follow projects: